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Are you ready to feel STRONG and healthy?

Are you ready to feel empowered in the gym FOR GOOD with an easy to understand plan to follow that was designed for a busy woman like yourself? I can't wait to share my favorite workouts with you!

JOIN 1000s of other women and strength train with Busy Mom Gets Fit Plans!

This Busy Mom Gets Fit Strength Training Plan was designed for YOU!

What you'll get:


Four x 8 week (32 weeks!) progressive strength training plans with pictures, directions, videos & guidance by Val Solomon, trusted women's fitness expert and strength training advocate.


Busy Mom approved challenging but quick weight lifting workouts. You'll be done in 45 minutes or less and well on your way to "fit"!


Download, print and carry your easy to understand guide to the gym or workout at home. Know exactly what to do everyday!


Home modifications included. All you need is a gym membership OR dumbbells and resistance bands at home to modify.


Support from Val Solomon, Busy Mom Gets Fit, via a private Facebook group to ask questions and connect with women doing the same plan as you.


You will have a solid plan including Leg day, Glute day, Back/bi day, Chest/tri/core day, Shoulder day & modifications to do your workouts in 3-5 days. get the BMGF Flat Tummy Plan FREE with the bundle!


What Women Are Saying About Busy Mom Gets Fit Plans

Valerie’s programs are so easy to follow, no matter your fitness level. They are expertly crafted to maximize your efforts, no matter what your goals. I started this program for me, but it felt pretty good for my husband, a lifetime fitness enthusiast, to tell me, “you have some bad ass triceps.

Jessica Rogers 

“To walk into a gym with a MISSION and a PLAN is POWER. That's what Busy Mom Gets Fit plans have done for me.”

Sara Teague 

“Prior to starting Busy Mom Gets Fit's training plan, I had a constant fear of weightlifting. I didn't want to hurt myselffrom lack of education. Only doing cardio wasn't giving me the results I wanted, but I also didn't feel confident enough to walk into a gym without paying for a trainer to be my personal guide. Val's plan put me to ease. Her constant encouragement and well planned outprogram made me feel like I had a personal trainer that looked after me even though she was miles and miles away.”

Natalie Davis

“I love Val's plans! It's like she's there training me when I follow them. I always learn something new and love that she's helped so many women not only strength train, but empowers them to OWN their lifting for life.”

Christie Nix 

"I absolutely must give props to what started my love of weight training, my busymomgetsfit strength training plans. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no clue what to do on my own at the gym or even at home. Not only was it easy to follow, super AFFORDABLE, but it taught me so much about how "getting stronger actually made ME stronger" and I'm not just saying physically. I learned to not worry about how I looked to others at the gym, I learned about techniques, and super sets, I learned that training is a progression not a destination. Most of all I found a love for strength training and I didn't have to break the bank account starting off! Thank you Val for the awesome plans, for the kindness of making them so affordable, I appreciate it!!! To anyone wanting to start, or continue in their training these plans are a must!"

Gina Rodriguez

I am a results driven individual. It is important to me to feel like I am progressing without getting bored, while seeing positive results. I found Val's programs comprehensive yet easy to follow, while providing me with ‎visible results and strength. Whether you are just starting out or looking to change things up at the gym, the Busy Mom Gets Fit Strength Training program is what you've been looking for."

Stephanie Choquette